About Us
We design, create, and sell functional and non-functional pieces made out of glass and other mediums that we find around us!
Don and Lois Pearson, glass artists

Don and I enjoy making things more beautiful! It is just part of who we are!

We design, create, decorate, and make/build things to make our Sunnyside world better. Whether it be in the yard, in the garage, in the house, or now in our glass studio, we are always looking for ways to create some more sparkle and joy.

Don has been a long-time fixer, creator, and master problem solver. He likes to know how things work, and he is challenged by the process.  When working with glass, he is the one to dig in and figure out how and why various glasses act differently under differing circumstances. He is intrigued by the chemical reactions that occur and then motivated to design pieces that take advantage of those reactions. He is as equally intrigued with wood, rocks, and metals as he is with glass.

As for me, I am motivated by color, light, sparkle, shape, texture, and balance. I am spurred on by what is visually pleasing, peaceful, and joy-filled. Besides what Don and I have created together over the years, I began my journey of creativity within the world of fiber, yarn, crochet, and weaving. Now, within the last year, my creative life has taken me into glass fusing. I love the challenge of putting colors and shapes together to create a new scene or object. My glasswork has become a living collection of my life, family, and surroundings.

Finally, we are both moved by the gifts of the Creator: things of nature. We love the fact that we are surrounded by such a plethora of visual blessings here in northern Minnesota. And now, with Sunnyside Designs we not only get to design and create, making our world a little more spectacular, but we also get to share our creations and designs with others, hopefully making the world a little more spectacular for others as well.